Saturday, 29 December 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - 9 Ladies Dancing

Hi Guys!

The weather has been miserable for the past couple of days, meaning I've stayed inside, drinking lots of tea and wearing chunky knits.

I was hunting round for a jumper the other day, when I came across an old, moth bitten one. It was such a nice colour but full of holes round the neck. That's when I thought of a new DIY project.-today's 'how to' are some cosy leg warmers, made from the old jumper. They're quick to make meaning more time to wear them!

You will need:
An old (baggy) jumper
Matching Thread
Tacking Thread
Tailors chalk
A Ruler
Pins and a needle
A Sewing Machine

Personally, I don't wear leg warmers round the house on their own. I prefer to wear them with boots to cover the top and keep my feet extra warm. Or, you could even wear them as arm warmers if you wanted to!

Back tomorrow!

Kat xx

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