Sunday, 8 June 2014


When a first saw the wrap skirt, I was a little unsure about its look.  A cross between wrapping a towel around your waist or excess fabric on a skirt, I didn't think it was a very wearable trend.  Yet, seeing it on the high street and how others style skorts, it does create a dynamic spin on the standard pencil or mini skirt.

On a beach or in the city, the asymmetric skirt is a great casual ensemble to wear in the sun.  Go for a Wimbledon look with tennis style skorts and layered vests to carry out the sport luxe trend.  Or to be slightly more formal, wear a plain white skort (possibly leather?) and team with strappy heels and a blazer.

My top stores to purchase a skort/wrap skirt from?  The likes of River Island and Topshop have some great skirts in a plethora of colourways and prints.  But, if your looking for different stylistic takes on the wrap skirt, check out Zara.

1 | River Island  2 | River Island  3 | Topshop  4 | Zara  5 | Zara

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